Bandung, 2.34 pm.
Well, here again.
The last time i sat down to spill out words and enjoyed it was back in High School. I was quite naive, that i wrote some never-completed stories just to satisfy myself. Of course, i stopped because i felt shitty about that, i felt ultimately wasting my time by doing some kind of diary-of-a-teenage-girl thing when i actually could be putting my efforts toward actual original content, like Politics, History or else. Unfortunately, that never happened the way i wanted. I was just a kid back then.

And it all got me thinking, how time really flies. 
Half way through. Yes, it's been a good first half of 2015.
It took years for me to begin questioning things, and now i feel like i'm in a weird spot where i've learned that some people aren't meant to be with you until the end. Maybe they're just passing through, yet still give you something. Something you need to learn, a gift that remains forever. And that's when you know why they're just passing through. That no one really wins. That there's always someone who will always appreciate you for who you are. That someone else out there is thankful for less than what you have

"That everyone's gonna hurt you anyway, you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for."
Nuff said, Marley.

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To brighten your day,

To brighten your day,
"Changes always create losers & winners, it's never painless for everyone. There are costs and it can be argued that the costs are actually not worth the benefits.. That the pace of change is so fast that the risks are greater than the opportunities."


Que se passe-t-il?

Que se passe-t-il?
And this, too, is a legend.


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